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Oil & Gas iQ is one of the world's largest and fastest growing online communities in the energy world.

We communicate with a global database of 1.4 million, 148,000 premium members and a social media reach of 130,000 business leaders.

Oil & Gas iQ represents a critical channel for solution providers to demonstrate thought leadership in a cost and time-effective way. 

“Oil & Gas iQ offers a rare opportunity to hear about operator experiences and benefit from their learnings. A good opportunity to network with other people working in this area”

Oil & Gas IQ premium community member 

“As a result of working with Oil & Gas IQ, ABB has recently secured a significant, six figure contract with an established operator who was not previously an active prospect for us.”

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Who are we?

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Platform deliverables

Brand Awareness

What you will receive as an Oil and Gas Influencer:

Monthly contributor articles

Your branding on  Oil & Gas iQ with traffic from display adverts to be redirected to your nominated landing page

A position on the Oil & Gas iQ Advisory Board
A webinar with a 6 week marketing campaign

A whitepaper with a 4 week marketing campaign

A 3 month banner advertising campaign

Lead Generation

Thought Leadership

Marketing campaign features

Email campaigns and e-newsletter insertions

Bespoke portal landing page

Featured advertisement on home page with 65,000 impressions per click on average

Social media promotion to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Xing and Pinterest with a full reach of 130,000

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